2nd Grade Learning Certificates

TWO Scholars

VIA Scholars - 2nd Grade Learning Certificates
Overall, the needs of 2nd-grade students include a more rigorous learning environment and further expansion of skills and knowledge in all content areas. VIA Learning Specialists help 2nd graders become more polished readers, writers, and mathematicians. Our focus for 2nd graders is exposure and excitement to new learning activities. At VIA Scholar, we facilitate learning through family engagement because we firmly believe in the holistic approach to the family-teacher-scholar commitment.

The TWO Scholar certificate showcases the accomplishments of the early learner. Also, the TWO Scholar certificate is based upon a rigorous curriculum in reading, science, mathematics, and social studies while building critical social skills. At the heart of the TWO Scholar certificate is based upon comprehension and synthesis expressed through weekly learning activities with strong supports from the scholar’s family.
Virtual Innovation Academy offers learning certificates upon the successful completion of critical subjects related to promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and shared learning experiences.

Moreover, VIA Courses are explicitly developed to close achievement and opportunity gaps for early learners. You are one click away from enrolling your child into the VIA Learning platform.